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Are you ready to enhance your oral health and achieve a beautiful smile with orthodontic treatment? Not only are straight teeth great for a confidence boost, but there are also a number of oral health benefits that come with having a well-aligned bite too! Orthodontic treatment will allow you to easily clean your teeth, which is important for preventing tooth decay and gum disease. It will also reduce your risk of issues that often stem from a misaligned bite, such as TMJ disorders, headaches, and more. If you are looking to get braces, a retainer, or Invisalign in the Palatine and Rolling Meadows, IL area, our team of experienced dental specialists are happy to help.

How Braces Can Improve Your Smile

Regardless of the severity of your bite misalignment or misaligned teeth, Meadows Dental Care can help! Our skilled orthodontic experts can treat a wide array of bite and teeth alignment problems, including:
  • Gaps
  • Open bite
  • Overcrowding
  • Underbite
  • Overbite
  • Crossbite
  • Misplaced midline
Luckily, if you have any of the above issues, it is highly likely that metal braces, retainers, or Invisalign could be a great solution for you.

What You Can Expect

Braces are the most commonly used orthodontic device—and for good reason! This tried and true method works on a variety of orthodontic problems, and the process is really quite simple. Your braces will use a system of metal brackets, wires, and bands to gradually align patient’s teeth over time. These brackets are cemented onto your teeth and slowly adjusted each month using U-shaped wires, making your teeth straight in no time! Here is what you can expect over the course of your orthodontic treatment with braces:
  1. Your Consultation Appointment: First, during your initial consultation, we’ll utilize multiple diagnostic methods to determine the best possible treatment plan for you. Such tools include plaster molds of your teeth, x-rays, photographs, a dental exam, and a full review of your dental records.
  2. Your Treatment Plan: At Meadows Dental Care, we individualize your treatment to your orthodontic care needs. We’ll determine where each tooth needs to be moved in order for you to have the perfect, straight smile you’re looking for!
  3. Bracket Placement: In order to put the brackets into place, your dentist will first spend some time thoroughly cleaning the surfaces of your teeth to ensure the brackets will fit securely on your enamel. Then, we will cement the brackets carefully and strategically on each tooth in order to execute your treatment plan properly.
  4. Wire Insertion: After your brackets are in place, we will insert a U-shaped wire through them. This will facilitate the movement of your teeth into the correct place.
  5. Monthly Adjustment: Every 3-4 weeks, you will visit your dentist at Meadows Dental Care to have your wires adjusted. These small adjustments will move your teeth gradually over time until you have your perfect smile.
Once your braces have been put in place, we will teach you everything you need to know in order to take proper care of the device and maintain your dental health. Tips include avoiding crunchy foods that could damage your brackets and cleaning techniques to keep your teeth and gums healthy throughout your treatment. Once your teeth are in their ideal placement, we will quickly and easily remove the braces, revealing your brand-new smile! However, if traditional braces are not what you want, your dental professional may recommend the Invisalign clear aligner to help you create a beautiful smile. Unlike metal braces, Invisalign treatment is clear and does not affect your current smile. Some prefer this form of dental treatment since it helps to straighten crooked teeth without the look of having traditional braces. If you want to improve your smile with orthodontic treatment, contact our Palatine/Rolling Meadows dental office today to schedule your consultation! How would you look with straight teeth? Invisalign®️ SmileView™️ simulates your new smile! Take a smiling selfie and we’ll show you what Invisalign®️ treatment can do for you.
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