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You don’t have to live with missing or severely damaged teeth. Meadows Dental Care offers innovative procedures in restorative dentistry to replace your teeth without partials or dentures! With dental implants and Teeth In A Day, you can have strong, durable teeth that look great and last a lifetime.

How Dental Implants Can Help

During this surgical procedure, we simply insert a titanium implant into the gums in place of your missing tooth or replacement tooth. Then, once the implant has naturally fused with the jawbone, we’ll place a custom-made prosthetic artificial tooth over the device. Not only will your dental implant blend in seamlessly with the surrounding teeth, but it will feel as sturdy as your natural, healthy teeth too! Dental implants are considered one of the greatest advancements in modern cosmetic dentistry and with good reason! Here are just a few reasons our patients love this procedure:
  • They feel completely natural. Dental implants fuse to your jawbone, so they act just like your normal teeth. Therefore, you can eat all of the crunchy foods you’d like without having to worry.
  • They are easy to maintain. Your dental implants won’t require any special attention. Once your dental implant has healed, you simply need to keep up a proper oral hygiene routine to ensure it lasts.
  • They last a lifetime. Dental implants have a very high success rate. If taken care of properly, your dental implants will never need to be replaced.
  • They improve the functionality of your teeth. By replacing your missing or decaying teeth with a titanium implant, you’ll experience improved chewing, swallowing, and speaking mechanisms.
  • They look great! Because they’re fitted with a customized crown, dental implants blend in beautifully with your surrounding teeth. Now, you can have a smile that you’re proud to show off!
Dental implants work wonders for improving the structure and appearance of your smile. Luckily, these restorative and cosmetic benefits can extend beyond just one tooth or a neighboring tooth. With Teeth in a Day, you can replace an entire set of teeth with as few as four implants!

Renew Your Smile with Teeth in A Day

If you are missing your teeth, you don’t need to deal with uncomfortable dentures. With Teeth in a Day, you can now replace an entire arch of missing teeth using just four titanium implants! The process of getting Teeth in a Day is quite simple. First, your dentist will insert four titanium implants at an angle into the gums—this makes your devices more stable without requiring as much support from the jawbone. Then, we fasten an arch of prosthetic teeth onto the dentures, permanently affixing them into your mouth. With Teeth in a Day, you can expect a number of benefits over dentures:
  • They’re permanent. If you maintain a regular dental hygiene routine, your new set of teeth should last you a lifetime with proper care.
  • They feel like your natural teeth. No need to worry about eating crunchy foods with your new teeth. These prosthetics are strong and sturdy, just like natural teeth.
  • Your results are immediate. You’ll experience a brand-new smile in just one day as each arch takes as little as two and a half hours to complete.
  • They’re low maintenance. You can treat these prosthetics like your natural, healthy teeth. There’s no need for adhesives to keep them in place. Simply practice proper care by brushing and flossing regularly to maintain them!
  • They provide support for facial structures. Teeth are important for more than just chewing. By replacing your missing teeth, you’ll see big differences in the structure of your lips and cheeks, as well as improvements in your speech and swallowing.
  • You’ll have an improved quality of life. These devices are extremely comfortable. Now you won’t need to worry about your teeth when speaking, eating, or sleeping. And above all else, they look great!
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