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Want to Whiten Your Teeth? 5 Things You Should Know About Your Morning Coffee

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If you’re trying to whiten your smile, then you’ve probably thought a lot about your daily cup of coffee! Giving up coffee can be harder for some than others. Luckily, there are a few tricks you can use to minimize the damage and avoid those dreaded coffee stains. Here are five things every coffee drinker needs to know to whiten their smile.

1. Adding cream doesn’t help to keep your teeth whiter.

One common myth is that, by lightening your coffee with creamer or milk, you can lessen the stain on your teeth. Unfortunately, this is simply not the case. For starters, adding milk to your coffee does not reduce the tannins—the compound found in coffee that stains your teeth—within your morning cup. It should also be noted that adding creamer or milk to your coffee actually adds sugars to your beverage. These sugars feed the plaque on your teeth, which in turn release acids onto your dental enamel and make them appear dull.

2. You should try drinking your coffee through a straw.

Though you might not always think to drink your hot coffee through a straw, it could actually keep your teeth whiter in the long run. Using a straw allows the coffee to bypass the outer surfaces of your teeth. Therefore, these staining agents in coffee do not have an opportunity to get lodged into the microscopic nooks and crannies of your dental enamel. Ultimately, drinking coffee through a straw could minimize the damage to your pearly white smile.

3. Having water with your coffee can help.

To keep your teeth white while enjoying your coffee, try having it alongside a glass of water. Swishing water in your mouth after you drink a sip of coffee can help to rinse off your teeth quickly, thus eliminating opportunities for the tannins to stain the surface of your enamel. Also, drinking water can wash away the sugars in your coffee drink, which will help to reduce your risk of getting cavities!

4. The quicker you drink your coffee, the better.

While it can be nice to sip on your coffee at your desk, you may want to consider drinking your cup more quickly. Essentially, the more time that your coffee has to rest on your teeth without being washed away, the more it can stain your dental enamel. Therefore, try to drink your coffee quickly in the morning and brush or rinse your teeth immediately afterwards.

5. Still dealing with coffee stains? Schedule a dental visit.

Already have coffee stains that you wish you could get rid of? Paying a visit to your dentist might just do the trick! By scheduling a simple check-up, you will receive a thorough teeth cleaning as well as an oral health exam. This can help to remove some of the stains and tartar buildup from the surface of your teeth, so you can leave with a healthier, more beautiful smile! To illuminate your smile with confidence, take action now – call Meadows Dental Care, your trusted Palatine dentist, today to schedule your next dental check-up! Your vibrant smile is just a call away.

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