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Why are Professional Teeth Cleanings So Important?

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Do you remember the last time you had a professional dental cleaning? If it has been longer than six months, it is definitely time to book your next appointment. According to the American Dental Association, it is highly recommended that you visit your dentist at least once every six months for a teeth cleaning. There are so many reasons to maintain routine visits with your dentist. Here are just five of the benefits you can enjoy when you get regular teeth cleanings.

1. Cleanings help you to avoid serious oral health issues.

Did you know that one person dies every hour from oral cancer in the United States alone? How about that 75% of Americans over the age of 35 have some form of gum disease? While these oral health issues are quite prevalent, the good news is that they are largely preventable! By visiting the dentist once every six months for regular cleanings and screenings, you can detect and treat these oral health conditions early and even avoid them entirely. Additionally, a professional cleaning can help to remove the plaque and tartar buildup from along the gum line, which can otherwise lead to infection and disease of the gums. Ultimately, receiving regular cleanings can do a great deal to maintain your oral health.

2. Professional cleanings help you to prevent tooth decay.

Are you particularly prone to cavities? Getting regular dental cleanings can help! By thoroughly removing plaque and tartar from the hard-to-reach areas of your teeth and gums, you can avoid getting cavities. This will save you from painful teeth sensitivity and, ultimately, needing restorative dental work.

3. You can improve the appearance of your smile.

If you have stains on your teeth from coffee, cigarettes, or just regular daily life, routine dental cleanings can improve the appearance of your smile. Our dental professionals will use special tools to carefully scrape away residue that is stuck to your dental enamel. We will even polish them to make them look like new! You’ll ultimately leave your dental cleaning with a brighter, more beautiful smile.

4. You can get fresher breath.

When you get a professional dental cleaning, they use a special tool to remove the tartar—a calcified, blackish substance—that sticks to your teeth and cannot otherwise be removed by regular brushing and flossing. When not removed, this tartar traps bacteria that can leave an unpleasant odor on your breath. Therefore, by getting regular cleanings, you can ensure that you have fresh breath to go along with your beautiful smile!

5. Getting regular cleanings saves you money!

Did you know that getting regular cleanings can put money back into your pockets? This preventative treatment can help you avoid more serious issues down the road—from dental decay to gum disease—which require more costly treatments. All in all, regular professional cleanings and screenings are a great investment!

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