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The Truth About Early Orthodontics

There are few things more endearing than seeing a young child grinning and proudly showing off their newly missing teeth. A gapped grin is a staple of early childhood photos and a telltale sign that the tooth fairy has recently paid a visit, but what happens when those cute little gaps don’t fill in the … Continued

How to Take Care of Your Retainer

So you’ve finally made it to the other side of wearing braces, possibly even after a few years. Your smile is stunning, your confidence is up, and you’re looking forward to life with your new set of chompers! But just because the brunt of the legwork is done, it doesn’t mean you can just forget … Continued

What’s Causing My TMJ Disorder?

Are you dealing with constant jaw or facial pain, headaches, or earaches? You may have heard people suggest TMJ as a possible culprit, or maybe you’ve even received a diagnosis from the dentist. But what exactly is this common condition? Temporomandibular joint disorder (commonly referred to as TMJ) is a painful condition that affects millions … Continued

4 Facts About Oral Surgery To Help Ease Your Mind

Oral surgery. Two words most people would probably rather not think about, let alone hear our dentist say we need. However, while it’s normal to have anxiety about medical procedures, there is little to fear when it comes to having oral surgery performed! Painless, quick, low-risk, and beneficial, oral surgery is a common necessity to … Continued

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