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4 Facts About Oral Surgery To Help Ease Your Mind

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Oral surgery. Two words most people would probably rather not think about, let alone hear our dentist say we need. However, while it’s normal to have anxiety about medical procedures, there is little to fear when it comes to having oral surgery performed! Painless, quick, low-risk, and beneficial, oral surgery is a common necessity to fix dental ailments and leaves patients healthier and more comfortable. Here, we’ve broken down a few of the cold hard facts to help put you at ease before a procedure!

1. Oral Surgery Isn’t As Painful As You May Fear

Long gone are the days of anesthetic-free drilling, and for good reason! While each individual experiences a different level of pain, anesthetics help to greatly reduce or entirely eliminate pain felt during oral procedures. These treatments will be applied before the procedure starts to minimize pain as surgery takes place, and their effects will last for a short while after the procedure is over. Some discomfort may linger after the anesthetics have worn off, but your dentist will be able to advise you on a pain management regimen to deal with residual minor aches.

2. There Are Many Reasons Someone May Need Oral Surgery

Oral surgery can be beneficial for everything from thwarting cancer, to alleviating pain, to purely cosmetic reasons! The most common surgeries either remove troublesome teeth, such as impacted molars or baby teeth, or affix permanent dentures into the mouth. Other reasons for oral surgery include correcting an improper bite, preventing jaw clenching or grinding, or helping someone who has difficulty chewing or eating.

3. Dental Implants Are Easier Than You May Think

A permanent fix for missing or severely damaged teeth, dental implants have a lot of allure. Not only do they look just like real teeth, they can be treated as such and require as much maintenance as your own natural pearly whites would have. The recovery time from having implants placed is relatively short and the procedure can happen quickly, making them a great option to patients who have lost their own teeth for any reason.

4. Recovery From Oral Surgery Is Relatively Quick

A common fear and misconception about oral surgery is that the recovery time is long and arduous. Visions of clenched jaws and eating liquefied meals through a straw may come up. But they are, more often than not, incredibly far from the truth! The recovery time for most oral surgeries is three to seven days, depending on the procedure done. A patient who retains a healthy diet and takes good care of their mouth post-surgery is likely to see a quick recovery and turnaround. It’s always good to know the facts about your health and any procedure being performed on you or a loved one. The best way to ease your mind is by communicating with your dentist. If you still have anxieties or questions about oral surgery, or you would like more information about a topic covered, do not hesitate to reach out to your dentist to have your questions answered. Call Meadows Dental Care in Palatine to schedule your surgery consultation today, whether you’re interested in dental implants in Palatine, IL or any of our other dental services!

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