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Endodontics is a specialized area of dentistry that deals with the inner portion of the teeth, or the roots. The most common endodontic procedure is a root canal, which our doctors specialize in. Root canal therapy is a procedure that we use to extract decayed pulp from the central part of your tooth. After this decay is extracted, we reshape the canal and replace the root with a strengthened filler to keep the tooth strong and prevent any further decay. One common misunderstanding about root canals is that they are a painful procedure. This is simply not true. Root canals, in practice, are approached much like filling a cavity. You can expect to experience the same sort procedure, producing minimal pain and pressure.

Why Would I Need To Have Root Canal Therapy?

Root canal therapy is used to treat a number of different problems and conditions. Some of the reasons we would need to perform a root canal are:

  • Inflamed / Infected Tooth Pulp
  • Sever Sensitivity To Hot Or Cold Elements
  • Tooth Decay
  • Chipped Or Broken Tooth
  • Any Severe Impact Or Blow To The Tooth, Causing Nerve Damage
  • Swelling Or Tenderness Near An Infected Tooth
  • Repeated Dental Procedures On The Same Tooth

If any of the above mentioned problems go untreated for long, they can lead to severe tooth decay that reaches the root of the tooth and corrupts the structure of the tooth. Root canals can essentially “save” your tooth, preserving its original strength and integrity.

What Can I Expect During My Root Canal Procedure?

When you arrive for your root canal / endodontic appointment, you can expect this:

  • You will undergo anesthesia.
  • A dental dam will be placed over your mouth and used to isolate the tooth.
  • The tooth is opened up to allow for the removal of the infected or dead pulp.
  • The tooth is thoroughly cleaned, including all the pits, cracks and canals.
  • Your doctor will then reshape the center canal of your tooth.
  • A biocompatible filling will then be used to fill the tooth.
  • A temporary covering will be placed over the access point on the tooth.
  • You will undergo a short recovery period then return for the placement of a permanent tooth restoration.

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